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Anacortes Art Fest 2012
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From the Lopez Island Historical Society:

We're pleased that Steve chose the Sally J as his subject to commemorate the Lopez Museum's 40th anniversary. The Sally J is an important part of Lopez Island's rich maritime history. Built as a gillnetter for Bastian Jevick on the Duwamish River in 1930, the Sally J's unique design helped her to become one of the most successful boats in the Lopez fishing fleet. In later years, the Sally J was used off Stuart Island in an experimental nori seaweed farming venture. She returned to Lopez Island in November 1996 and is now displayed at the Lopez Museum.

Reference photo used by Steve to create the two Sally J Paintings
Reference photo used by Steve to create the two Sally J Paintings
We were grateful when Steve offered to donate proceeds from auctioning Sally J, Underway, and thrilled when he also donated Sally J Heading Out. To manage this incredibly generous challenge, we decided to create a raffle in addition to the auction. This gives his many admirers a chance to own one of his most striking originals, for only the cost of a raffle ticket. (And also gives you a chance to support one of Steve's favorite island organizations, the Lopez Island Historical Society.)

Please visit our website to purchase your tickets:

Thank you

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Hey, Long time no hear. Just came by your site to check on you. scott

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