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Cavtat Harbor Moorage
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A New DirectionFriday, October 01, 2010 by Steve Hill
Filed under: Travel
Warm Springs River Canyon in north central Oregon provided a very dramatic cliff and rock formation in late afternoon light. I am at the beginning of a one month plein air painting trip that will encompass many Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana wildernss areas. This piece was done 5 days ago at Kah Nee Tah, on the Warm Springs Indian Resercation.

Warm Springs Creek
Warm Springs Creek
My plan is to re-connect with subject matter involving water, rocks, motion and colors, in transient light, as studies to begin a new series of paintings involving those elements.

Growing-up in Idaho around creeks, rivers and lakes, plus living on the water in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, since 1974, has affected how I interpret and present my subject matter a great deal.

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1. Sunday, October 03, 2010 @ 11:28:45 AM by Trish Harding
Howdy Steve, Sounds like you are having a new adventure. I just returned from a painting trip to Yellowstone Park and Cody WY with 5 other painters. We saw some remarkable Western Art. I didn't want to travel abroad with a group, but rather stay in the Good Ol USA. We had a blast. Hope you do too. Say hello to Judy.

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