Daffs in Bloom

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Fields Skagit Valley

Fields along SR 536, West Mt Vernon provided a brilliant color splash in early spring.

The Skagit Valley is world famous for it's huge fields of daffodils and tulips in the springtime. The Skagit River has formed the deep top soils for this beautiful valley over millions of years, creating lush crops from flowers to vegetable and fruit orchards, 

It seems hard to believe, but between 1967 and 1983, there was a plan by Puget Sound Power and Light Co. to build two nuclear power plants in Skagit Valley, but due to controversy, these plans were shelved.

REALLY? Two Nuke plants in this sacred spot? NO WAY!! Farms still rule the landscape here.

Name Daffs in Bloom
Date Painted Mar 28 2023
Medium Pastel
Dimensions 9h x 12w in. unframed
Framed No