Morning Light Dance at American Camp

Painted from a vantage point well above Jakle's Lagoon at American Camp looking into the early morning sun, June 20, 2019. What caught my attention were the distant trees that had a very cool gray-green color set against the far distant island (Lopez) that encapsulated the large expanse of water with a cool ultramarine blue and really set-off the grasslands in the foreground. This is one of those rare places in the San Juan Islands that has remained unchanged within the national park boundaries, since the American Army occupied this end of San Juan Island during the infamous "Pig War" (1859-1873) for 13 years. The Pig owned by the Hudson bay Company, was shot by an American farmer after it broke into his veggie garden - and was the only casualty of the "war" which was really a joint occupation with the Brits garrisoned on the west side of the island, until arbitration settled the border dispute. What's more important now, is that this whole end of the island will remain just as it was then and is now.

Name Morning Light Dance at American Camp
Date Painted Jun 20 2019
Medium Pastel
Dimensions 17h x 20w in. framed
Framed Yes