Old Kjargaard Farmstead, Lopez Island



This working farm has remained intact after Otto Kjargaard, who died at 86, in 2006, had farmed this land for his entire life. It's atop Legion Hill on Lopez Island and this view is facing east into rising sun. I love these "older" square hay bales and especially that they were done-up with his old baler on the farm. Thank Goodness, the land is now owned and managed by M.R. and Gary Buffum, (Buffum Brothers Farms) who also own several other older legacy farms on Lopez Island and work, very hard at farming and to maintain our rural island character. They are just part of our group of modern local heroes keeping the rural character intact. I am in awe of the younger generation of small farmers, growers, bread bakers and rural entrepreneurs who are steadfastly preserving the island and simultaneously keeping it such a haven for artists of all disciplines!
Name Old Kjargaard Farmstead, Lopez Island
Date Painted Jun 16 2020
Medium Pastel
Dimensions 26h x 34w in. framed
Framed Yes