Sunset, Grosetto Italy



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Leaving a very rainy interior Tuscan valley we arrived on the coast at Grossetto Italy where I painted this colorful sunset with soft warm colors from our apartment balcony. Loved the fleeting moment of last sunlight reflected off the distant water and back lit into the clouds. This is the site where the Italian Cruise Ship "Costa Concordia" ran aground, hit an underwater rock and sunk in 201, resulting in 34 deaths. I only had about 45 minutes, on-site to work, (before darkness set-in) and thought "Well I'll work from reference photos when I get back home to finish all those details in the marina buildings." When I re-evaluated, it was clear that any details placed there would destroy the effects of the distant light and Tuscan sunset. Finito!!
Name Sunset, Grosetto Italy
Date Painted Jun 19 2006
Medium Pastel
Dimensions 20.5h x 24.5w in. framed
Framed Yes