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Grape Harvest, Manarola Italy
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Upcoming Workshop Schedules with Steven R Hill

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To get more details or book a class contact me and let me know what workshops you are interested it!

Note: For all workshops listed below, a complete materials list will be emailed upon registration (@ $200-$275) for basic pastel supplies. You will also need a small portable field easel for the Italy workshop . . . Steve has good, inexpensive recommendations for quality travel-size easels.

2017 Workshops

Dakota Art Center, Mt. Vernon, WA
March 17/18 & March 24/25 (2 weekends)
Introduction to Pastels
  • You will quickly learn the basics of Pastel application through Steve's unique "Pastel Stroke Exercises" that have become acclaimed, even by more experienced level artists whose testimonies consistently say "I wish I had learned these basic techniques before I started using pastels!"
  • You will learn to experience and use different stroke pressure & stroke direction, loose hatch, cross hatch, flick strokes and color blending strokes are all covered with both "hard"and "soft" pastel sticks. These are a very simple and straight forward series of exercises on special grids (supplied by Dakota and Steve) that will put you way ahead of the learning curve. Steve's beginning level students tend to produce high quality level work that looks more like they've been using the pastel medium for years, not days.
  • The workshop progresses through a single object still-life rendering to various landscape paintings from reference photos and Notan style value studies. "Pan Pastels" as well as alcohol and watercolor washes are also introduced and used by Steve during his daily live demos. One of the best things about this workshop is the 2 weekend contact with students and instructor. Everyone does "homework" between weekends, which has proven to be very beneficial for learning new techniques. $250. Click Dakota link above to register.
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Near Orvietto, Italy
May 19-26 (8 Days)
Plein Air Adventure with Winslow Art Center
  • Painting on-site in Umbria with Steve and Winslow Art Center owner, Martha Jordan , plus fabulous Italian Cuisine (cooking classes, too) and lodging at a 300 year old renovated family villa/farm will be more fun than anything else you might want to do in May. Beautiful painting sites, hilltop villages (including Orvietto) and all under the warm "Umbrian Sun"
  • Full workshop information, lodging, food, ground transportation, pricing details and to register! $200 discount if registered by January 31, 2017! Tour begins and ends in Rome, just 1.5 hours from Orvietto.
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Dakota Art Center, Mt. Vernon, WA
July 13-15 (3 Days)
Introduction to Pastels
  • We do an abbreviated version of the Basic Pastel Stroke Exercises on Day 1, indoors at Dakota and then a landscape painting from a reference photo before we venture outside for the next 2 days. It's really only a small step to go outside and paint in the natural light and moment, but there are many things that you need to understand BEFORE you head out into the unknown. $250 Click on the Dakota link above to register.
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Washburn Wisconsin
September 28-October 1 (4 Days)
Pastel Workshop with Blue View Pastel Group
  • First two days Indoors at Karlyn's Gallery in Washburn, then 2 days of plein air painting along the shores and waterways of Lake Superior with Fall Colors at peak.
  • To register by June 1, 2017 contact [email protected] or Chris Lindsey, 78195 Singer Rd., Washburn, WI 54891 (715) 373-2259. $385 workshop fee, plus materials.

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