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Cavtat Harbor, Croatia
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Croatia Art Experience 2009/2010Sunday, November 08, 2009 by Steve Hill
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The Croatia Art Experience ended with a flurry of activity from all involved. The last outdoor painting day was spent at the old walled city of Korcula, with everyone working hard to pick-off the last rays of sun, as storm clouds finally headed our way. But after nothing less than totally warm and sunny weather from day one, it was rather theatrical and nearly perfect timing to have a storm come-in off the Adriatic the afternoon of the last painting day. Even the dark clouds provided a good back-drop to the ancient walls and buildings, and the water still remains turquoise (although a bit darker shade) during storms. It was a good time for reference photos, and I am sure many fine paintings from this group will be made over the coming winter . . . except Tania, painter extraordinaire, who lives and works in Australia, where summer is the next season. Alas, the rest of our group (Canada and the U.S.) are experiencing short days, long nights, perfect for reflection upon the beautiful time spent painting in Croatia.

The group photo here is from the village of Rascice, a deep water port filled with old wooden boats, one of the stunning painting locations on Korcula Island. I have already heard from Lynda Milina, workshop/art experience coordinator, that she has also posted some group/action photos, as we both plan for the next Croatia Art Experience, October 3-12, 2010.

We will be advertising through some international art magazines, as well as an article or two in the “Zadjednicar” (Croatian newspaper printed in north America) for the next plein air painting experience, as well as web blogs, etc. Now is a good time to think seriously about coming with us next October. All mediums are encouraged, the food is simply superb and the accommodations are totally comfortable and perfectly located within 250 feet of the water.

Go to the web-site and click on “events” to see more photos and “testimonials” to read what others have to say, “pricing” for that info, then forward to any friends or sign-up yourself for the 2010 tour! All levels, from beginners to experienced are welcome and all art mediums (including photography) are encouraged.

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